Record Roundup February 14-20th

Here are a list of a few vinyl releases for the week of Feb 14-20.

Cover of the Shenmue III Definitive Soundtrack vol. 2

Shenmue III – The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 2: Niaowu

Ys Net

February 18, 2022

Limited six colored vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download. The 20th milestone release in the Generation Series lineup, this abridged set features 113 tracks that play in the second half of Shenmue III, which takes place in Niaowu. Comes in a top lid box (similar to recent Generation Series releases from Brave Wave) with liner notes, archival artwork and a digital download code for all 196 tracks.

Cover of the album Discovery by Daft Punk


Daft Punk

February 18, 2022

Second studio album by the French electronic music duo. Originally released in 2001, the album marks a shift from the Chicago house sound prevalent on their first studio record, ‘Homework’ (1997), to a house style more heavily inspired by disco, post-disco, garage house, and R&B. The album features six singles, ‘One More Time’, ‘Aerodynamic’, ‘Digital Love’, ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’, ‘Face to Face’ and ‘Something About Us’.

Cover of Capitaine Flam album. Pictured: A cartoon man, woman and child enjoying their time in space.

Capitaine Flam

Jean Debout Jacques

February 18, 2022

The official album of Captain Flam and his android robots Crag & Mala. As for the original version, the B side of this vinyl edition also features an instrumental version of the title, composed by Jean-Jacques Debout. A karaoke hit of the 80’s!

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